hello president

Today is a day i will undoubtedly never forget. For devotional, President Thomas S. Monson came and spoke! we were in the same room. it was such a neat experience. i got there with a friend at 9:30 to get a good seat (it didnt start till 11) and it was already packed. needless to say, every seat in the marriot center was full by the time he started. before he came in, everyone was talking and it was really loud but the second he stepped foot on the court it took about 2 seconds for the whole stadium to become dead silent. it was incredible. he is hilarious. we busted up laughing so many times. he went through all of the prophets in his lifetime and shared stories, favorite memories, quotes, etc. about all of the different prophets. it was really interesting! its interesting how close of a relationship he has had with all of them. i think he said David O. Mckay was his stake president when he was in young mens! and of course he and President Hinkley have been life-long friends. did you know President Hinkley's favorite dessert is pie and ice cream? mmmmm. It was so cool to be able to look at President Monson in real life, not through a tv screen or the computer. He is so cool, and i love him!

well on a more secular note... cougars are 2 for 2! woo! we play florida this week at home, hopefully i can fit it into my busy personal life schedule. here's a picture of me, audrey, and katherine at the second game that was broadcasted in the smith field house. i didnt watch the first game because i was studying, but i was aware of our victory the SECOND it happened. i was sitting in my silent dorm and all of a sudden everyone within a mile radius of me started screaming. in the dorms, in the halls, outside my window, down the road... everyone. it was crazy.

i still love it here. i miss home a lot... and i miss my mother and her food and hugs. only 10 weeks till thanksgiving :) now im about to go out with my bff leah to buy some dye for my hair. i am so glad she lives here... its sooooooooo nice to get off campus for a while and hang out with her like the old times haha. love you leah. and thats pretty much it in my life right now. no boys still. but im making lots of good girl friends! we have movie nights. its awesome.
tomorrow will mark katherine and my 3rd week anniversary. haha. we're gonna go get ice cream or something! woo.
peace and love.


  1. That is awesome! I remember Tuesday morning devotionals were my favorite way back in the day. How cool that you got to listen to the Prophet and see him for real in person!! BYU is a very special place. I am so happy you are loving it.

  2. Glad you got the opportunity to see the prophet.

    We miss you a lot! Can't wait for Thanksgiving so we can hang out!