sum up my life

i've realized this week that anytime i am doing anything, it includes or revolves around one of the following:

1. physical science portfolio
every wednesday i have a physical science lab for two hours. we do six experiments each class. i had to type up every single experiment we've done this semester along with the procedure, results, questions and answers, AND come up with two experiments i could do in a class room that demonstrate the same objective for each experiment. all in a certain format. THEN i had to do a lot of research and come up with 45 completely different experiments that demonstrate the principles we have learned about this semester. type them all up. make them a certain format. arrange them by subject. make table of contents. make another table of contents. works cited page in correct mla format. it's been a real stressor. but today at approximately 2:50, i took it to the wilkinson center and got it bound. my work is done.

countless hours, hard work, and dedication. right here in these 150+ pages.

2. this hoodie
make fun of me all you want... i dont care! eddy gave me this hoodie before he left and i wear it constantly. it smells SO good. it makes me happy :)

why are guy hoodies so much more comfortable than girl hoodies? not cool. the day it stops smelling like eddy i will probably punch someone.

3. bieber fever
uh-oh.... it's hit me. i never thought this day would come. for some weird reason, i am in love with justin bieber right now. yeah, i know he's 14. and i still like to make fun of him. but i've had his songs stuck in my head for about 5 days straight. whether i'm listening to him while doing homework, at the gym, or humming in the shower... i love it! this is my favorite at the moment... i love this video haha. so nerdy. the best part is at 1:32 ish... oh jeeze.

4. life savers
i've probably bought 10 little rolls this week. i'm obsessed. they are so nice to suck on in class.... haha and they make me not hungry all the time. little dietary tip. not like they're good for you or anything. but i suppose its better than eating a real meal every hour.

ANYWAY. these are important aspects of my life right now.
last day of school is the 13th... then i'm taking my finals and packing up!
i can't wait to be home again :)
i miss the sun, my job, my mom, afton, swimming, friends, farm basket....
what could be better than vegas?


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  1. Anyone who doesn't like justin beiber is lame. seriously. I love that you put this music video up...because i have never watched it before...and watching it makes me love this song even more. I need more of his music. asap. um my favorite part is like 1:15...where he puts his hands in a shape of a heart over his heart. haha. LISTEN... HE IS 16. not 14...I know this because I heard from perez hilton that usher bought him my dream car (range rover).

    I can't believe that class you had to write a freaking book for. so crazy. good job!