everybody dies but not everybody lives

oh gosh.
this week scotty got his motorcycle license.

and up until thursday night i have been anti anti anti motorcycle, or as i like to call them "death traps." i had never been on one, but heard enough tragic and gory stories to make my mind up about them.

and thursday everything changed.

he practically begged me to ride with him and i gave in.

and at first it was terrifying. we barely made it out of the neighborhood and i wanted to jump off and walk home.
but then... i got used to it and i couldnt stop smiling! i love the speed and the wind and the chill. we were on our way home and i even asked him to keep riding longer!
i decided it's absolutely thrilling


  1. I can't believe you are contributing to the deliquency of Scotty. Dislike.

  2. This is NOT good. Please don't encourage him.

  3. ash I'm all for this!!! scotty is proabbly way careful. sounds fun!! :)