marxy mexico

for our honeymoon we went on a 7 day cruise around eastern mexico/western bahamas...
it was a BLAST!
we had so much fun! it was hands down, the best week ever.
and coming from the most hectic, exciting, and the craziest week of my life... the honeymoon was exactly what i needed haha. pure relaxation. i quit the wedding diet and ate as much as i wanted to. i laid out. i slept. and most of all i spent quality time with my new husband!!

we had so much fun spending carefree alone time together. we liked to go on the top deck and watch movies at night. on the second night we were just sitting there... watching forest gump... and this couple sat down by us. i knew they were lds, so i pulled a creeper move and started talking to them haha.

it turns out, they got married on the same day as us! we were all honeymooners. we became good friends with them and we hung out every day together! we love nick and emily!

especially because this meant we had someone to trade taking pictures with :)

and nick happened to serve his mission in southern texas (?) so he spoke fluent spanish.
i was impressed with how well scotty could communicate with the mexicans with his portuguese knowledge! he understood almost everything they said. he haggled these hats down from $25 to $5 haha.
check out this quality picture the hat dealer took:
the beach was beautiful.

the third day, we went on a little excursion to CHICHEN ITZA!
so cool.
we loved looking at all of the ruins and trying to make nephite/lamanite connections haha!

we love our friends!

our boat. the next day we went to cozumel.

we shopped around a little & we finally got to swim in the ocean!
i got a massage on the beach and a much-needed tan.

and then at night we would cuddle up on the top deck with our ice cream cones and platefuls of pizza and watch movies. the four of us took turns getting up to get more food haha.

it was so relaxing and so much fun!
we loved cruising but by the end we were ready to head over to utah to start our new married life together. real life, not fake cruise life.
i had so much fun with my cute husband... he is the best!
hopefully there will be a round 2 sometime in the near future :)

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