date bucket

being poor is fun.

we have to get creative with our date nights. and sometimes we have to scrape together all of the pennies and dimes and nickles we have.

okay we don't HAVE TO. but sometimes it's fun :)

we dump all of the contents of his "pimp cup" into my pink change bucket and drive off to the nearest coinstar.  i don't have enough patience to let the bucket fill all the way up to the top.  

 the suspense builds up.

we place our bets to see who can guess the closest amount.
and start pouring.

my second favorite part is seeing all of the random coins and other unknown objects that don't make the cut.
my first favorite part is seeing this:

$43.66! and just like that, we are set for date night.

 a movie.
and we even had time to stop at target to drool over our current obsessions.

one day... one day.


  1. cool! If you do dinner one night and a movie the next weekend you would be able to get double the dates! I am glad you are learning to live on a budget!

  2. i can't wait til I'm poor and married.