politics: as far as i know

as you may or may not have noticed, my blog topics are a compilation of all things important to me.  my blog is my personal escape to rave about new recipes, movies, celebrities, pieces of clothing, and other girly happenings.  it documents my personal life, newly-wed adventures, vacations, and milestones.  it is a place for me to record special pictures, sayings, or thoughts. i love my blog and i plan to continue blogging until my 90-year-old hands are creaking and showing off every vein.

so today i am trying to expand my blog topics and mention something that i don't particularly care for: politics.
i know, i know. i am a irresponsible citizen of this country, and the rest of you should be scared that this year's presidential election rests in the hands of other emotionless voters like me.
the whole thing just doesn't interest me.

sure, i have a few small opinions based off of things my husband hears on the news, things i hear on the ellen degeneres show, or little bits and pieces from talk shows that reach my ears before i quickly change the radio station.

however, i am slightly curious about this year's election.
after watching a bunch of youtube "documentaries," i think i have a pretty good idea of who i'll vote for.

CLICK HERE to see barack obama.
CLICK HERE to see herman cain.

with those two singing, jabbering fools out of the way, the answer is clear.

mitt for life. 

... in reality, what this post all boils down to is: 
i just wanted to share those two videos because they make scotty and me literally cry tears of laughter. also, i'm voting for mitt because i think he is the most suited candidate. 

... the hair & charming wife aren't hurting his cause, either. 

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  1. HILARIOUS. I'm sharing these with my mom--the most political person I know. Romney 2012!!