swiss days 2012

every year, the city of midway has a little "swiss days festival"
okay, i guess it's not little.

there is a parade, a swiss miss competition, along with crafts, works of art, lots of yodeling, scones, braids, and cheese galore!
i've been the past 3 years, and i just adore it.
i am always amazed at the creativity and hard work of so many people!
this year i had the pleasure of introducing my family to swiss days. 
they came up for labor day weekend, and we had so. much. fun. 
my mom and i were in heaven. 
my dad kept himself busy by counting 63 pregnant ladies. 
and who knows what mitchell and tanner were doing?
there were a lot of things i had my eye on, but i made scotty proud and walked away with a single roll of mustard chevron wrapping paper... I KNOW! aisles and aisles of frames, paintings, coat racks, home decor, homemade body scrubs, hats, dresses, vinyl stickers to decorate my kitchen aid, and i only brought home ONE thing. but might i say that the next time i give you a present, it is going to look fabulous. after the wrapping paper, there was just ooone more thing i had to take advantage of before we left: 
aside from the buttery, cinnamony, melting-in-your-mouth, once-a-year-for-a-reason scones, the best part about swiss days is visiting the assortment of cousins in midway. i love these people! 
debuting on the blog for the first time is little two-week-old ms. aubrey westra! 
and i can't explain why every time charity (hereon referred to as chair-bear) and i get together, we take a minimum of 20 pictures. the girl cracks me up! she doesn't like her new glasses, so she put them on her thigh instead. i love my girls and i sure do love swiss days. i had so much fun this year, how will next year even compare?!? 


  1. put those pics in dropbox. i didn't take hardly any all weekend! and i am pretty sure your dad bought you the wrapping paper...

  2. One day I will make it. It does look fun. And those cousins are really cute!

  3. 1. i collect metal things for my yard.
    2. the painted furniture looks so fun.
    3. I'm coming next year.

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