the first of many

most of you know that i am studying elementary education.
why do i want to be a teacher, you ask?
well. shall we start a list? 

1. i connect with elementary-aged people
2. i am patient
3. children make me happy
4. i have a weird fetish with grading papers 
5. i feel comfortable in front of big groups of people
6. i want to pass on my love of learning
7. i want to make a positive difference in children's lives
8. summers off
9. teaching is rewarding- and i'm not talking about the dollars
10. i love writing on a whiteboard 

and, as an added bonus, i am itching to decorate a classroom and call it mine.  
so to no surprise, the shopping has already begun.
a few days ago i bought my first piece of classroom decor: 
what could be more fitting for a classroom than a lovely wooden apple?
i'm pretty excited about it. 
and please excuse the self-taken pictures, 
this is what happens when scotty is my only option as a photographer: 
-mrs. marx

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  1. Hi Ashley!
    I'm sorry I never comment, but I totally love your blog. Also- *love* the class apple.
    I nominated you for a Liebster award. You can find more information about it on my blog, here. http://threeofalucky7.blogspot.com/