apple debrief

if you didn't know, apple's little (okay, maybe not so little) developer conference was today. i was hoping to hear an announcement about something that rhymes with shmiphone shmix... but i guess i'll have to wait another year. what they did announce, however, is the new operating system, iOS 7. see for yourself over here: http://www.apple.com/ios/ios7/

or, if you prefer my amateur summarization, keep reading.

some new features i'm looking forward to: 
-brightness in the control center. HELLO, where has this been all my life? it takes so long to access the brightness, and i need it multiple times throughout the day! can't wait.
-seeing the actual screens in multi-tasking. this will be very convenient; it just makes sense to include the screen preview before switching from app to app.
-totally redesigned app icons. while i'm sad to part with the images we know and love, these new ones are so clean and crisp. they are full of vibrant colors and bring a sense of unity across the phone.
-airdrop. freak yes. now i can trade pictures with my mom quickly and efficiently!
-new view of safari tabs. umm... this looks so cool.

some new features i don't care for: 
-filters in camera app. HA, the joke's on you, apple. we already have our favorite photo-editing apps, and i seriously doubt your puny little palette of filters will compare.
-notification center accessible from lock screen ... because "sliding to unlock" takes too long?
-clustering photos based off of location/time. cool, i guess? i mean, i could have organized them in albums if i wanted them that way in the first place.

i left the apple website today feeling happy and proud to be an iphone user.
come fall, i get a whole new phone without forking over $200+.
what are your thoughts on this new software?

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