sleep deprivation.

this weekend was so fun because one of my best friends KRISTINE came into town! love her. we hung out with leah all weekend! except when we went to lagoon because leah has school. LAME. and shout-out to katherine for turning 19 over the weekend :) PARTAAY!

fab five minus two. we wish alex and kami could have joined us...

monday: woke up before 8 (gasp!) to go observe the children in the preschool on campus for my human development class. talk about creeper status. i had to go sit in this booth that has a one-way window, pick a kid, and take detailed notes on him for 50 minutes. ew. but it was pretty funny this week- my kid wet his pants! poor guy. at least it gave me a lot to write about. then, prepare to be amazed, i ran FOUR miles after classes got out. woo. and in the middle of those four miles i made a pit stop at the gym and did some squats and weight lifting and even rode the stupid bike thing for a while. then ran back to my dorm. if i recall correctly, i stayed up somewhat late doing an assortment of things (doing sit-ups while i watch the sessions of conference i slept through, homework, showering, washing my face, reading my scriptures, and facebook stalking people. you know the drill) which was perfectly fine because tuesdays i dont start class until 12! its beautiful. i look forward to it every week.

tuesday: my roommates alarm goes off at 8. fine, it keeps me up for five seconds and i immediately doze back off into sweet slumber. 8:30 "ashley, wake up!" "no." 8:40 "ashley, you have to get ready! dont you have class today?" "no. no class." 9:00 "ashley its 9:00!! you have to get up" "NO!!!! MY CLASS ISNT TILL 12!!" hahahha. i am not a morning person. and she might have been scared for her life. i was so pissed. but now i feel really bad. love you katherine! at least she was trying to look out for me. so then i go back to sleep till 11 :) mmmm. i love it. but despite how much i love tuesdays, this one wasnt that great. i spent all afternoon/evening on campus doing random crap. BUT then we had this awesome huge group date... we played MEGA twister and had a bonfire up in the canyon. fun!

today: i've done something i have never done (and will never do again) in my life. I woke up early to RUN! what the..? i dont know whats gotten into me. especially since i live in poop town where its 40 degrees in the morning. but yeah. two miles! next thing you know i'll be running marathons. haha psych. i'll admit it was kind of nice. i had breakfast for the first time since i've been here (wow) and i showered and got all ready. sent off a package for connor cuz its his birthday this week. i feel like i accomplished so much! i got my favorite at subway, and i'm trying to be healthier so i gave 3 cans of my dr. pepper to the nice boy who works at the creamery because he is so tight and knows me by name. i want to sell the rest but i dont know if thats legal here in good ole utah.

now its 9:37 and i have a load of laundry in the dryer, all of my homework done and printed out for tomorrow, just sitting here rocking out to the mamma mia soundtrack. its a fave. and in precisely 48 hours i will be home!! i cant explain the excitement. i miss my family. i'll only be home for two days but heck, i am so stoked.

i miss this crap.


  1. wow, you had a busy day! that's what college life is all about, I guess. Come home so you can relax a little, would ya?

    Love you,

  2. ill buy the dr pepper :] hehe