we're halfway there -bon jovi

i would just like to take this moment to say that i am HALF way done with my first semester at college. tomorrow will be the end of the 7th week of school... leaving me with 7 more.


halfway done with the first semester. thats weird. i feel like i just got here. i suppose i've learned a few things. like the scientific equation for cellular respiration. or like make sure you set 3 different alarms to wake up on your early days. or the back right shower comes out the hardest... definitely go back to your room and wait for it if it's in use. or how cougars dont cut corners. or limit yourself to tomassito's pasta once a week (or less). or if its the big manly girl working at subway, go to the other line... she freaking works that sandwich like its her demolition project. or if you are having a really hard time concentrating on school work, just have a friend change your facebook password. makes a huge difference.

basically. that picture is how i feel right now haha. theres so many things i love about BYU, but at the same time i do not love getting horrible grades, or feeling like everyone here is 5x smarter than me, or seeing my breath in the morning when i walk to school or the snow on the mountains. yuck. and i've said it a million times, i'll say it again... i miss my mom.

she's pretty cool. this is us at the BYU/UNLV game this past weekend when i finally got to go home for once. it was great. how bout them cougs?! woo. i cant explain how nice it felt to be in my own bed and drive my car and have a delicious roast and see baby afton and tease tanner and see mitchell and john. it was great.

40 days till thanksgiving break :)


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