are you kidding me?!


i am still in shock. this morning i took my computer into the bookstore for a little repair (long story) and the man made me sign some papers... JEEZE. i put 1/28/09. what is wrong with me? every single number in that date is wrong. WRONG. ahahahaha. first of all, i can't believe its february. second of all, i am still having a hard time getting used to the fact that we live in 2010!

but this morning it hit me. like "hey, ashley! its february!" or something along those lines.
here are some direct results of today being the start of february.

1. next month is my last full month in provo! (till september) can you say hollllaaa?
2. i go home this weekend! i miss my family
3. it is angeleah bertoldo's birthday tomorrow! i love this woman. holy hell i just realized... 20!? what the...
4. eddy leaves next month. whaaaaaaaaat!
5. valentines day is this month... stupidest day of the year
6. my family might come up because its a three day weekend!
7. its the shortest month of the year
8. does this mean spring is close? because.. uh.. im kinda sick of this crap.
9. midterms are coming :( soon. like real soon.
10. only 3.5 years of college left! proud? you should be.

anyway. i hope you all have a wonderful february. its almost kind of starting to get warm.. next thing you know i will be basking out by the pool every day. mmm mmm mm.


  1. ash Im going home this weekend too! Im such a stalker. I read blogs when Im in class. oh and where are you going in a month? why will next month be your last till sept!? love you zigggg

  2. hahaha its okay, i am a stalker too. and i meant like we're in february, then we have all of march, and then mid april i get to go home! hahaha. it makes it seem like it is a lot less than three months. lets hang out i miss you!