this picture makes me so happy. see that green patch of grass? its a sign. the sign i've been waiting for.
the past four months i have been layering myself in sweaters and coats and on special occasions i wear 4 pairs of socks. but a couple days ago, katherine and i were walking past this patch and i came to an immediate halt. "DO YOU SEE THAT?!"

she most definitely thought i was retarded. but it made me super happy haha. it means that pretty soon, snow and cold will be out of everyones minds and i can wear all of my short sleeve shirts again. im sick of wearing the same 4 coats every day.

on another good note, saturday will be the halfway mark of second semester. exactly two months until i move back home to vegas for a couple months :) can't wait.

hope you all have an amazing weekend!

p.s. for lent i decided to give up talking about other people. due to a few frustrating experiences in the past couple of weeks i've decided that everyone in this world should mind their own damn business. so now its my turn :)


  1. can you beleive it?!? Spring is ALMOST here. This week I have been pulling out short sleeve shirts and lighter jackets. I can't wait. I went thru my closet this week and I definitely need some new summer clothes. It's just around the river bend!!!!! hehe ummm good luck on the not talking about people. I think we all can be a little better about it. but what happened?

  2. haha i just noticed that you have my peekaboo photographer on your list of blogs now. LOVE IT! it's addicting to look at all of those cute babies. oh and how cute is her new nursery??? LOVE IT

  3. Ash! I love you! Utah is freezing.. hang in there.. SPRING is almost here!!!

  4. We've had Spring in Vegas for the past month. Flowers are already blooming. If you'd come home more often you'd see it. We miss you!!