beautiful day.

today was the day i have been imagining in my head for the past six months. at school, when i wanted to drop out and burn all of my books, i instead pictured days like this and they made me hopeful.
i LOVE summer!
i woke up today, changed from my pj's into my swimsuit, and headed over to leah's house. we picked up cafe rio. i had a free meal. cafe rio got new sphere-shaped ice. the salad was perfect. we got it to-go and then set up our tanning area and ate and talked and tanned!
i love living in las vegas and being able to count on the sun shining every day. even though all it takes to lay out is a swim suit and the sun, i feel completely relaxed and content haha. like my own perfect little world.

photo courtesy of zoe jane. haha. zoe is the cutest little thing. we hung out with her for a little bit...
THEN, i came home to my lovely family. my family is the greatest. we went to farm basket for dinner-which was amazing as usual- and i got to say hi to my three favorite workers there! and we are watching AFTON for a couple 0f days. she let me carry her into farm basket... it was kind of a big deal. she doesnt let anyone hold her besides her mom or my mom. but i got her out of her car seat and walked her in. very exciting moment in my life.

she would be so much cuter if she was nice. but even when she screams and cries, i still like holding her. i love her.
then the cherry on top of today was my grandparents came into town! they are so cute. i like having them around :) they're always keeping us laughing.
i loved today!

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