(i cant sleep. heres whats on my mind...)

i LOVE tanner.
he is the funniest little boy i've ever met.
he makes me laugh so hard sometimes that i cry.
he is forever talking, singing, telling stories, or cracking jokes.

i missed tanner a lot while i was at school! luckily we had skype and phone conversations weekly. his skype chats always made my day. whether he's telling me about a "hot chick in second period" or showing me new origami creations, he's always got me laughing.

here are a few favorite memories:
1. when tanner found out what a tampon was, he literally passed out. i dont think i will ever forget that day haha... cant wait to tell his future girlfriends!! :)
2. this is a family favorite. one night my family was talking about something ironic, and tanner asked what "irony" meant. my dad explained that irony is like when mitchell is absent on the day that he gets a perfect attendance award in seminary. tanners response was "they made up a word for THAT?" hahaha.
3. lately tanner has been singing every night. the past two weeks have been "what do you want from me" in a deep opera voice. i snagged a video of it on my phone.

i really hope you can hear it haha! sorry its sideways.
4. tanner has gained quite a bit of weight in the past year. he loves to show off his new belly haha. i remember one night my mom was sitting at the computer and tanner would go right up behind her and lift his shirt up and dance and then when she turned around he would quickly put it down and act normal. this went on for at least five minutes!
5. i dont even know how many times he's made me spit water out at the dinner table. its like his never-ending goal. i take a sip and the challenge is on!
6. one thing i will never forget about tanner is "the butterfly moment"... he was playing a game with my aunt. she would name an animal and he would act it out. she said a butterfly, and tanner jumped up in the air and flapped his wings. not quite sure what he was thinking, but he kept flapping until his forehead SMACKED the ceramic tile in the front entry way. he had a huge goose-egg for weeks. there's still a little mark if you look close.

he's a funny kid. i love him!!

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