the time has come

well... i guess i need to get a new ID card.
i got an email today saying "you have a package! take your id card to the cannon center to retrieve it"
so i take my id and walk my happy self over there.
i hand the lady my id and she's like
"uhhh is this your id?"
"what's your name?"
"ashley barnes...."
she keeps looking back and forth from the card to me
"i cant give you the package... this isn't you."
"what?! its me, i swear!"
"whats your birthday?"
i tell her.
"student number?"
i tell her.
i tell her.
"okay, but this looks nothing like you..."
"i know. i lost 35 lbs and dyed my hair"
she gets some manager or something to come over and look at me and they finally decide to give me my package hahahha. it was the funniest thing ever. this is the picture on my ID card... and this is how i looked when i picked up my package.

quite the difference, huh?
i feel so good! and i'm SO glad i dont look that nasty anymore hahaha.
and im happy i convinced them to give me my stupid package.


  1. you go girl! youre so beautiful! you look so great! i miss my best friend.

  2. You are beautiful! I love how happy you look... and I love your dark hair. 35lbs! Wow! I am way impressed!!

  3. number one, you were ALWAYS beautiful. i have about 900 pictures on my computer that testify to that.

    number two, i love your dark hair.

    number three, HOW did you lose 35 pounds?! i have some extra pregnancy padding that needs to GO!!

  4. I don't even know you any more.


  5. Not only the impressive 35 lb loss, and the dark hair - but your eyebrows. I can't get over how perfectly shaped they are.

  6. SWEET!!!! Good job Ashley! Love you!