we. are. fa. mi. ly.

i LOVE family.
although i may not have always shown it in high school, i love being with family. i love big families, small families, funny families, dramatic families. just all kinds of families.
but mostly MY families.
i feel like living in provo allows me to see my extended family members way more than being in vegas does. lately i've just been on a weird family high.

i got to see my grandma barnes a couple weeks ago... i love her. she is awesome. see? she recently moved from idaho to arizona, so i got to see her in passing. even though our visit didn't last more than 15 minutes, i loved it.

next up was dinner with my cousins merideth, kathryn, and sam (and her husband jake). merideth and kathryn's mom annette was in town for the weekend so we all got together and ate at brick oven! mmmm :) i never see annette because she lives in chicago

it was nice to catch up with everyone.
so that was the family fun on my dad's side... but i also get to play with my mom's side too!

this past sunday, i went to my aunt cindy's house for dinner. we celebrated angela's 24th birthday! ang and i have always been way close... for as long as i can remember! we both have brothers so we always considered ourselves sisters. cindy made delicious salmon and and even more delicious ice cream cake :)

it was fun to see cindy, steve, ang, shawn, spencer, kevin, bryce, grandma and grandpa. oh and maggie. we ate and played hearts. (naturally, i won. as usual.)

don't get me wrong, i love hanging out with my extended family... but at the same time it makes me so sad. i miss my real family! you know... john, mom, mitchell, tanner.

look how attractive they all are. i miss john. i miss seeing my mom's face every day. i miss tanner's stupid jokes and random stories! and sometimes... i even miss mitchell.

could thanksgiving come any slower?


  1. we miss you too honey! we are very excited for thanksgiving!! John would be called DAD to you and just so you know... Bryce is Kevin's friend not brother. Although we love him like family.

  2. awww. so cute. I love you ash. glad your mom clarified the whole confusion on Bryce's family status. haha

  3. Very nice post. We miss you too. It's not the same without you and we too cannot wait until Thanksgiving. I miss you so much that sometimes, in rare moments, I even wish we lived in Utah. I know--that's a big statement. But it is evidence that we love our kids. Thanks for being the most awesome daughter any parent ever had. You rock. And we love you.