i can explain.

i'm sorry.
i'm sorry!!!
i haven't blogged in forever.
i've had like one post in the past month and a half.

forgive me?
-if your answer was "yes," feel free to stop reading here.
-if your answer was "no"... proceed.

but i have excuses!
here's what i've been doing lately instead of blogging:
1. working 40 hrs a week
2. looking at wedding blogs
3. creeping on wedding pictures on facebook
4. exploring the wedding section of pinterest
5. traveling to utah to have engagement pictures taken
6. reading bridal magazines (i have about 12 in my room)
7. daydreaming about scotty
8. feeling different materials for chair sashes
9. discovering that there are A TON of different shades of pink (pink, baby pink, coral pink, dark pink, shrimp pink, bubble gum pink, fuchsia pink, hot pink, cherry blossom pink, flamingo pink, i cant stop seeing pink)
10. attempting to become domestic by cooking and cleaning
11. going crazy by keeping a day-by-day countdown til the wedding. (136!!!!!!!!!!!!)
12. annoying everyone i come in contact with by talking wedding talk. (it just comes up.. like word vomit)
13. wasting the past 10 minutes to fail at finding a youtube clip of the scene in mean girls where cady talks about word vomit
14. sleeping
15. changing my mind every few days about what the wedding announcements will look like
16. practicing for the day when we will register at target (so we have a plan of attack)
17. playing fun games on my new iphone
18. eating
19. reading articles on how to design a wedding favor that is practical, and at the same time meaningful and cute.
20. trying on my wedding dress every few days to make sure i'm not getting any fatter
21. debating cake or no cake (i want to have a cake cutting but i dont really like cake)
22. writing in my journal lots and lots so i dont forget this special exciting year of my life (nothing will ever be quite like this!)
23. shopping at michaels with mother to buy supplies for a cute DIY centerpiece idea
24. meeting with different reception decorators every other night (sometimes for two 1/2 hours at a time)
25. stopping to stare at the temple when i'm on the top floor of the regional justice center and feeling all giddy inside

that's all i got.
was that enough for you?
yes? good. thank you for your understanding.
no?! bite me.


  1. you are such a doll ash! i'm sooo excited for you!! it goes by sooo fast!

  2. "no?! bite me." Hahahahaha love this post! :)

  3. Cake solution: Ice cream cake!! Best of both worlds. You could even get one of those Butterfinger logs from DQ. So tasty. hahaha. um, you're funny. I miss you!

  4. 26. Spending time with your favorite roommate in the entire world. You love me.

  5. Word vomit. Mean girls. You kill me.

  6. Ash! It's been forever :) I totally stalk you now...hehe. Ok so Kelsey Bischoff (dunno if you know her) had cold stone cater her reception. It was awesome! You could do an ice cream cake mentioned above, or just scoop ice cream for each other. How cute would it be to have little bowls with bride and groom on them? Haha. Just an idea. Keep bloging Missy!