pinterest: real life edition

i dont know about you, but i just can't get over pinterest. im addicted. and what is so addicting about documenting hundreds of recipes and crafts that most of us girls won't even get around to recreating in real life?!

well my friends... i am trying to break that notorious stereotype and prove that i will put pinterest to good use besides passing time at red lights or in sunday school!

let me woo you with pictures of my two favorite crafts i have created over the past month or so.

#1. christmas card-holding wreath.
SO CUTE, right? (that one is not mine)
so i ordered some clothespins
spray painted them green (i learned this method of spray painting clothespins on pinterest, too! who knows what i would have done if i hadn't seen this...)
did my best to bend a wire hanger, strung them on with beads, and tied a ribbon on top.
not AS cute as the one on pinterest but hey, i think if i tried again i could perfect it.
i think my beads were a little too big haha. oh well. it served its purpose!

#2. wedding card BOOK.
i am in love with this. if you're getting married, BOOKMARK THIS right now!
it is like my favorite thing ever.

using these materials:
i converted all of these wedding cards:
into an adorable book. because let's be real, i am kind of a sap. and after i read through the wedding cards for the fourth time, scotty asked me what i planned on doing with them for the rest of our lives. keep them in a bag above my dresser? throw them away? suddenly this became a real problem in my life. i really, truly, do care about these cards. i know there are like 200 of them but every single one is so special and sentimental to me.

so when i saw this idea on pinterest i practically squealed with joy.

i tied a ribbon so i can just undo it and flip through the book, still able to read every card.
(can you blame me for trying to showcase my adorable william-sonoma jars in the background?)
now it is conveniently on a shelf in my living room, easily accessible for whenever my heart desires.
so viola! i hope i have inspired you to take your pinterest findings into real life.
good luck!


  1. that wedding card book idea is genius!! you will definitely have to help me when i make mine!!

  2. So cute! I lovveee the pink :) Yours looks so good girl!