2011 recap

listen, i know january is practically over by now. but i just wouldn't feel right if i didn't give 2011 the send-off it deserves. 2011 was a really, really, really, fantastic year for me. probably the best one in my entire life. so many major changes! and so many firsts, which i have conveniently marked for you in the bold font. i loved 2011, i really did. it hurts me to part with that special year, but i don't really have a choice. so let us take a few minutes to reminisce on what made my 2011 great, so i can be emotionally prepared to let go.

well, the very first week of JANUARY i started the year off with my first detox, the master cleanse. it was quite the experience. felt great, changed my life, never doing it again.
i also attended my first rebel basketball game. no more description necessary.
and i got my wisdom teeth out!

in FEBRUARY, i saw the justin bieber movie for the first time. this time was in theaters with my best friend. about 200+ times followed throughout the year.
scotty and i had our first valentines day together, and he spoiled me.
FEBRUARY was topped off with a ski trip at brian head with the fam, where i tried snowboarding for the first time.
in MARCH i made my first "mature person quilt"
and went on my first motorcycle ride
a thrilling month, really.

according to my blog, camera, facebook, and calendar, the only noteworthy thing that happened in APRIL was the nordstrom half-yearly sale. which is definitely not a first for me.

i love my friends.

MAY was a month of mourning, as i suffered a very painful loss.

in JUNE, i bought my first pair of enzo's.
scotty and i took the most amazing underwater picture of all time,
and i purchased my first iphone. white. 3g. 16gb. perfect in every way. she's my bestest best friend. since day 1.
JULY was the month that ended it all. well... the harry potter series, at least. i was really sad. but nonetheless, tanner and i were at the midnight showing ready for the tears and action.
i witnessed (and partially forced) scotty's first swim in the ocean.
and he was there for me when i held my first sparkler.
i also had the pleasure of meeting the mayor for the first time!
we wear our saturday-best to go eat samples at costco.

speaking of costco, in AUGUST i got my first costco card. the day i first felt like a real woman was the day i walked into costco on my very own. (without donna sneaking me in through the exit...)
look at the pure joy on my face.

i moved into my first "real apartment" with these beautiful, beautiful ladies.
and had my first day of a new semester.

SEPTEMBER was a bittersweet month for me.
one moment im having the time of my life, chipper and showered with presents, and the next week i'm sick as a dog.
1/3th of the month was spent in the library, another 1/3th was spent sick (with my first case of pneumonia), and the last 1/3th spent sick in the library.

OCTOBER brought promising changes. i went through the temple for the first time. that was a beautiful day in my life.
i had my first bachelorette party!
that was a blast! fun weekend with all of my favorite girls.
i purchased my first blazer, featured in the above photo.
i also got my first form of birth control! hooray for being a woman.
and while this month may seem all wonderful and dandy... let us not forget this tragic night.

ahh, NOVEMBER. now we're getting to the good stuff.
i started the month off by seeing Thomas S. Monson in real life on the first!
wonderful picture quality, i know.

and then, 10 days later, i got married! for the first and last time haha.
ooo he is the cutest.

my ring doubled in size,

we went on our first honeymoon, which happened to be my first cruise and my first time leaving the country!
scotty and i moved into our first apartment!
and in more depressing news, nordstrom announced its closing of the orem store. stupid.

DECEMBER is always a pleasure!
we had our first christmas as a married couple.
got a wii!
our first christmas tree.
and i even turned 21.

what a growing year for me! I am a completely different person from who i was in 2010. i am so grateful for all of the challenges, stresses, wedding planning, and decision making that brought scotty & me to where we are today. i am so happy. 2011 was the happiest and best year of my life. i don't know what 2012 can offer to compete with all of the wonderful things that happened to me in 2011... so bring it on!

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  1. ah i love this whole post! and I'm pretty sure you need to put that picture of me and you up on Facebook. like now!