my place.

you know that heart-tickling, overflowing feeling of love you get sometimes?
like when you hear the star-spangled banner?
or when you've just spent an entire saturday morning cleaning your apartment and right after you throw the last clorox wipe away, you stand back and look at the whole place as it sparkles?
or when you're watching the sound of music and you see maria running back to the von trapp's house? 
or when it's the last day of school and you're so proud of yourself and your classmates for all you accomplished together?  

i get that same sense of pride and love when i see pictures of BYU. 

aren't those pretty?
i can't take credit for any of them. 
but i thought they were too good to not share! 

sometimes i walk around campus silently making fun of the nerdy mo-mo freaks around me, counting the weeks until i can graduate and leave. but most of the time, i walk around feeling so happy and so blessed. i love my school. 

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