the history of the fab five.

lately i've been thinking about my best best best friends and how much i love them, and how much i miss them, and how lucky i am to have them, and how much i want the world to know my love for them. so i am dedicating a whole blog post to my four favorite girls. together we make the fab five. after trying to sort through the 300+ pictures i have of the fab five on my computer, i realized it would take hundreds of posts to capture our favorite memories, hobbies, and stories. they were my whole life in high school!

let me introduce you to the fab five:

first, we have alex.

i have so many fun memories with her. there are SO many crazy rap songs i hear and i think "this reminds me of alex!" half of my high school memories took place in her car. we drove that thing around like mad women. i think im still suffering injuries from those tenaya bumps. we would do the stupidest, craziest things together. alex is the least judgmental person i know. she is amazing at hair and make up. and i love her.

next is angeleah.

this girl is my life saver. problem solver. late night caller. secret keeper. oprah watcher. i love her guts. we've always been there for each other- whether it was a phone call, a sonic run, stuffing our faces with coldstone, or just calling in tears to vent. i've never trusted anyone more than i trust leah. we bought matching pinky rings because oprah and gayle have them. we had "special bonds" with teachers together, and butt-kissed like you'd never believe. she is my ultimate advice giver, and i dont know what the crap i'd do without her. "meats for life"

then we have kami.

even though kami and i got off to a rough start because i asked her where she got a shirt and then went out and bought it, she came to love me :) kami and i love miley cyrus. we love getting lost on the way to nordstrom rack. we love high school musical. we LOVE justin bieber and his hair. and we love talking like borat. we are the babies of the fab five so we may be a little immature at times haha.

last but certainly not least, is my dear kristine.

kristine is so funny! i just love the crap out of her. she's always making me laugh. kristine is my shopping buddy. we love a good froyo. i think i recall a week last summer where we went to yogurtland almost every night together haha. i'll never forget our precious national honor society days. we went and helped at an elementary school every week!

words can hardly begin to express my love for them. we grew so close together i think of them as my sisters rather than friends. in fact, we got so close that we dressed like each other


matchy matchy.
we did a lot of random things like midnight twilight/harry potter book parties
and lots of movies. our favorites are mean girls, sisterhood of the traveling pants, moulin rouge, and the twilight series. oh, and who could forget pine valley horror?
we LOVE nordstrom.
say the words "half-yearly sale" and we're so there.
our favorite places to eat all together are cafe rio, BJ's, and cheesecake factory.

but mostly cafe rio.
we LOVE the beach. some of the best days of my life took place on the beach with these beauties. i love spending time with them, and they are so fun to travel with.

sometimes i look back at my high school experiences and i think that we owned bonanza high school. we had every teacher wrapped around our fingers. we left for lunch every day, we had teachers sign our hall passes so we could screw around, we pulled the "it's for student council" card on a weekly basis, and we did what we wanted.
we would tell our student council teacher we all had to go to the bathroom and then walk around until class was almost over. we took this opportunity to make faces at friends that were in class, terrorize teachers, and make weird noises in bathroom stalls.
we loved setting up for assemblies, and we loved making quick trips to farm basket and sonic.
and then, in june 2008, my heart crumbled to pieces as i watched them walk across that graduation stage.
i cried throughout the entire ceremony.
it was hard watching my best friends grow up and move on to their exciting new lives while i was stuck in vegas for another year. i had to send them off to college, one by one. and it's never been the same since. luckily, some of us are reunited for summers, but once again it's just not the same. i miss seeing them ALL DAY and EVERY DAY. we had school together, and then we would hang out together and we had mutual and church and weekends and every single thing together!

i think i'd die if we didn't have skype and occasional visits.
and since we all have the same exact phone, it's easy to group text.
but when all three of those fail us, we always have cheesy pictures to look at and keep us company.
see for youself:

someone should have told me not to wear stripes.
and yes, it is exciting to see how everyone is growing up and what we are all doing with our lives, but there are still nights i wish the five of us were in my parents living room passing around a bowl of rice krispy treat mix and watching mean girls. i miss my friends. 
"god is love, rev run."
"it's been real, it's been fun, it's been real fun."
fab five for life.


  1. this brought me to tears. hahah, I love this! I love you. fab 5 forever!

  2. very sweet honey! You will be friends forever. love them all!