ferrari friday

scotty is the best. seriously. he works so extremely hard to provide for me while i'm trying to finish school, and he'll do whatever it takes to make me smile. i am lucky to be married to someone as compassionate, hard working, and fun as he is! in an attempt to show appreciation to my husband, i bought a groupon voucher for a ferrari drive. if any of you know scotty, you know he's quite the car person. he loves going fast. he drools over expensive cars. most of his long-term goals include a camaro. needless to say, he was pretty excited! the deal consisted of a 3-lap drive and a cd of pictures. 
have you seen a bigger grin on his face? i don't think i have!
i love you, scotty! thanks for all you do. 

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  1. aw this is great. scotty is lucky to have you!