afton girl

it seems like just yesterday i got the text message saying that my new cousin afton was born. i drove straight from the hospital after school to see her!
she has been adorable from day 1.
even when she was going through her mean stage and hated my guts... i still loved her. and now she is 2!! i can't believe how big she is.
jenn threw a cute party with the theme "afton's not blue about turning 2!"
so EVERYTHING was blue

so fun.
scotty was so cute with the little boys... they all liked playing with him (nice shot of james shoving something between scotty's legs hahaha)

fortunately, afton got over her hating phase with me and we are besties.
she is so smart. i need to start writing down jenn's mothering techniques so my kids can be like her. and i cannot get over how cute JACK is!!!! basically i need to stay away from the westra's house. because it's just making me baby crazy.
happy birthday afton girl... i love you!

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