one down!

oh guys...
i know my endless rants about how madly in love with scotty i am are probably getting so old and so annoying.
but i am SO madly in love and i dont care if you think it's getting old or annoying!
heres the coolest thing about today:
exactly a year ago, scotty and i decided that we were "official" and that we didnt want to date anyone else.

so for a whole year straight, THIS GUY has been the only one on my mind!
oh gosh look at him. he's so cute, huh?
i can't believe today is our one year anniversary. and not because "time flies by so fast!" or "it seems like it was just yesterday!" ... but because in all honesty, it feels like it should be our 10th year anniversary or something haha.
i know it's cliche, but i feel like i've known scotty my entire life! our love and friendship is the strongest i've ever felt, how have we only been dating a year?! haha.

we have had so many laughs and good times over the past twelve months. i used to think my insane level of giddiness would wear off after a while... but it just keeps getting worse! i hate spending any time away from him! (my mother will back me up here)

i really dont know how i got so lucky. i dont know what good deeds i did previously in my life to deserve such a handsome man as my fiancee.
i dont know why scotty thinks that he is lucky when i am CLEARLY the one getting the better end of the deal here!
i dont know if i will be able to survive the 2 months and 15 days away from him before our wedding while i'm at school. i dont know if we'll ever come to an agreement on a basketball game (note byu/unlv rivalry picture below) and i dont know if i will ever get sick of staring at his adorable face.

but what i do know, is that in exactly 106 days i will be marrying my sweetheart for time and all eternity in the las vegas temple (typing that makes me giddy, too). and i could not be more excited.

happy anniversary scotty boy. i love you!


  1. I'm so happy for you Ash. The pictures are awesome, and so are you. You guys are great together!