i guess the gods of the blogging universe heard my cries.
scotty doesn't work his night shift anymore!
can i get a round of applause for my persuasive blogging?!

do you know what this means? 
scotty and i spent the whole weekend together
to any other couple it wouldn't really be a big deal...
but considering our previous situations... this was, indeed, a really big deal. 

the first thing we did was go to the planetarium. 
free, fun, and actually very interesting! 

oh this is us just hanging out on the moon.
we both learned a lot about the universe and our cute little earth.
it really is little compared to the other planets. who knew?

not sure what this contraption had to do with anything at all...
but it was fun nonetheless.

scotty was fascinated with the pendulum.
frankly, all i could think about while looking at it was peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and pumpkin streusel pie.

did you know we are rotating at 787 miles per hour?
did you know scotty would feel like 664 lbs on jupiter?
did you know the only reason i know the planets in order is because of this very song that i heard years and years and years ago?

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