a cold combat

winter and i are not friends. i think we try to be cordial most of the time, but i've done my fair share of talking crap behind its back, and it's ruined a handful of my january mornings. today, though, winter took the game to a whole new level. and i have photographic evidence to prove it. scotty and i walked outside this morning to a mysterious foggy world. the familiar mountains on each side of us were nowhere to be found. heck - who am i kidding? we could barely see the other side of the street. it was quite a sight to see. naturally i wanted to take a picture of this cool-yet-eerie air to document for my family, instagram followers, and maybe even my posterity.
cool, right?
but i thought i could do better.
i took a step to my right, hoping to shoot from a better angle.
but, no.
winter would not have it that way.
a sneaky patch of death ice was waiting for me as i took my step. within 2 seconds, i was on the ground crying. at least i got an exciting action shot so all of you can know what a slipping person sees from midair. i hope you can live vicariously through my picture and skip experiencing it for yourselves.
winter, bring it on.

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  1. oh no!! winter sucks! i will go yell at the snow and ice for you