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so... tuesday. weird day. there were two parts of that day that made me think "WOAH!" the first was extremely negative, but the second was really positive. and since they both revolve around cars, i figured i'd slap them both in the same post. two noteworthy, car-related experiences. ready?

1. i ruined our car.
okay, i personally did not ruin it. i'm too stubborn and bitter to take the blame at this point in my life. i would rather accuse utah and its crap-hole freeways. long story short: i was driving to school, a loose bumper appeared (out of thin air) in the middle of the lane, and i ran over it. viola. cars were surrounding me, or else i would have swerved out of the way. now my sweet 6-month-old baby is broken, and ironically not covered in our "bumper-to-bumper" warranty. below is my diagram depicting the before and after frontal views of the hyundai.
i mean, i'm not planning on switching my major to art any time soon, but i'd say it's pretty spot on. the three things i gained from this annoying experience are: my husband is freaking awesome and loves me no matter what, "bumper-to-bumper" warranty is slightly misleading, and bad things happen in utah. 

2. i happened upon this quote via pinterest. 
first i was like, "i don't get it." and then i was like, "oh my gosh, i don't even want to think about cars right now because i just ran over a bumper two hours ago and cracked the front of my car and i kind of want to cry when i think about the whole situation... but THIS IS AWESOME!" do we use prayer as a tool to direct choices and decisions in life? do we pray consistently? or wait to utilize prayer until we are deserted or in danger or in the middle of an emergency, and use it as a last resort? such a solid quote. i want to share it with everyone i know.

put those two experiences together, and maybe i need to incorporate prayer into my morning routine and asking my father in heaven for safe travels to and from school. and i also need to thank him for my understanding husband. and as my final thought, i think the commuters of utah are conspiring against me.

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