is it just me, or are digital cameras a thing of the past?
i never use mine. in fact, i had completely forgotten about it until a few days ago when i was rearranging a closet. i wiped off the inch-thick layer of dust and pushed the power button. the most recent pictures on it were from our HONEYMOON! seriously? so long ago. anyway, the point i'm trying to get to is this: i use my iphone in place of a camera 99.9% of the time. it's so convenient, i always have it with me, and it's super easy to share my pictures with friends and other devices via messaging, social media, email, and dropbox. duh. 

the only thing i don't particularly love about my phone turned camera is the subpar picture quality. it's good... but it's not great. that is - it wasn't great. UNTIL, my homie jen (who you all should follow because she's hilarious) introduced me to afterglow.
i'm convinced it's the best photo app out there. maybe even the best app in general. 
it totally transforms my pictures.
it is so easy to use, yet makes me feel like a photography genius.

exhibit 1: crappy picture taken by apple employee
terrible lighting. terrible everything. we were trying to document a huge milestone in our life (buying an iPad), and walked away with this dark ridiculous picture. how sad would it be if i was stuck with this picture for the rest of my life? no fear- a few minutes of quality time with afterglow, and this is the result: 
BOOM! right?! you can almost see the tears of joy streaming down scotty's face.

exhibit 2: fantastic frames
another thing i love about afterglow is the frames. hearts, stars, circles, you name it.
they give my pictures character.

cute, right? 

so take the 30 seconds and 99 cents out of your life and download afterglow... because i promise you, you won't regret it. what are your favorite apps? i love hearing what ones other people are obsessed with!


  1. yay for afterglow. it's amazeballs.

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