date night

people always advise newlyweds to "find things you both enjoy doing!" ... whatever. i go to scotty's things, scotty goes to my things. we take turns picking movies and restaurants. sure, there are places and hobbies we both enjoy, but a lot is just give and take. we love it. it ensures a wide variety of date nights :) HOWEVER, last week i was thrilled when i happened across something i knew we would both really enjoy: 
a lego art exhibit up in park city! special thanks to katherine rhodes for putting pictures of her visit up on facebook. scotty and i had a great time admiring all of the amazing lego art. take a look! 
(the castle is my favorite) 
(the benjamin is scotty's favorite) (obviously) 
then we headed over to the tanger outlets and i barely made it inside my second store before scotty took my credit card away. i still love him, though. and if you're ever in park city (or downtown slc), check out maxwell's east coast eatery. you won't be disappointed! 
i guess it is possible to find things a husband & wife both enjoy! 


  1. Hey there! I had to stop by your blog and check you out since you're the only one who voted for my story so far on Bonnie's blog...great minds think alike ;) Anyway...love your blog (love your little picture for your love story), I'm following along via Bloglovin!

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