iphone dump

my phone says so much about me. i love having the ability to effortlessly document every day of my life, and to see what my friends and family members are doing with their lives. i guess it's a hobby. so here are some of the latest pictures i've taken, just because i can. 

mani and pinterest session // new "about" page on the blog
happy national pretzel day // my overall score in a class :)
nasty little finals face // finals breakfast (made by scotty)
buying stuff for my classroom // everything's all squared away!

i'm so excited about my life! i am so excited to be a teacher, so excited to have the end of my college career in sight, so excited to only pay tuition 2 more times, so excited to buy things for my classroom, so excited to start my second practicum, so excited to meet my fourth grade team and get to know the teachers i'll be working with, and so excited to be alive! i want to remember these feelings and events forever. thanks, iphone.