first day of school: practicum style

today was like the christmas morning of school days this semester. 
i could hardly sleep last night; i was so excited. i've had my outfit planned for weeks. today i started my first practicum! basically, this means all of my classes stop (except for two stupid night ones) and rather than being in class on byu campus, i am placed in an elementary classroom for a whole month. A WHOLE MONTH! i'll be in the same classroom for four weeks just observing, learning, teaching occasional lessons, and loving my life. 
this is a beautiful, amazing thing because: 
1. i can finally put all of my knowledge/strategies/techniques/materials/theories to USE! i'm sick of being told what to do, i just want to go do it! you know what i mean? i'm getting antsy.
2. my liaison (boss lady) is also my FAVORITE teacher slash idol. 
3. my morning commute has just been cut down from 35 miles to 9 miles. halle-freaking-lujah. 
4. i can get face-to-face advice from a real-live teacher. 
5. i can ask my mentor teacher the purposes behind her actions. most of the time when we go observe, we're placed in a classroom mid-lesson for 20 minutes, then we leave without saying a word to the teacher. every time, i have so many unanswered questions! 
6. i will only drive to provo a maximum of TWO days a week rather than the usual four or five.
i'm straight up giddy about this one, guys. giddy. 
7. i will become familiar with the elementary school system from a teacher aspect. 
(really that's just code for: i get to go in the teacher's lounge!)
8.  this will confirm that teaching is my calling in life. 
9. minimal homework assignments for the next month! 
10. i get to plan, prepare for, and execute my very own lesson plans. hooray! 

i feel like the past three years have all led up to this moment! i will do an early childhood practicum now (1st grade), an older one during the summer (3rd, 4th, or 5th grade), and start my internship in the fall. i can see the light at the end of the tunnel! i am so ready for this. the next four weeks should be an interesting roller coaster of emotions. i am so happy and excited but i'm also slightly nervous, intimidated, confused, and inadequate.  i'm sure as the days go by i will feel more and more comfortable.  at least i had a few students welcome me with love notes today!
wish me luck! 


  1. Love this!!!! We start ours in one week, but we're starting with the older grades first....yikes!!!! Have sooo much fun!!!