5 things

i saw this cute post on bri's blog and i thought it was so fun! i love getting to know about other bloggers and their interests, quirks, etc. so all of you should do the same! 

5 Things...

...you'll find in my purse.
1. my moleskine planner. i feel incomplete without it!  
2. burts bees. 
3. quarters. i have a special stash saved for mall candy machines.
4. pills. you better believe i have about 8 different types of medicine in my purse right now! 
gotta be ready for anything :) 
5. orbit wintermint gum. one of life's necessities. 

...you'll find in my bedroom.
1. our heated blanket. it is the second love of my life right now. 
2. not a tv. this is a current debate in our home :) 
3. clothes on the floor. scotty and i aren't the cleanest people around... 
4. homework assignments and books. 
5. huge pictures of us from our reception. i love them, but scotty thinks they're a little too much haha.

...I've always wanted to do.
1. see a broadway play in new york (and do some serious shopping).
2. work at disneyland as princess belle. 
3. teach elementary school. only 6 more months until this becomes reality!
4. tour europe with my husband. 
5. meet oprah winfrey. 

...I'm currently loving
1. fresh flowers on my dining table.
2. justin bieber's believe acoustic album. 
(yes, i'm still listening to it everyday)
3. these pants from target. i have FOUR different colors! 
4. spending quality time with my cute husband. 
(lately it's waffle dates, board games, and movies) 
5. easter candy. it's the most wonderful time of the year! 

...quirks I have
1. i refuse to eat lunch or dinner at mcdonalds, but i love their breakfast mcmuffins.
2. i enjoy silence. sometimes i drive for 30 minutes before i realize the radio wasn't on. 
3. i lock every door. all the time. even if i'm walking 100 yards to the mailbox. 
4. i don't like ice in my water. 
5. i like writing in all lowercase letters. if e. e. cummings can get away with it, why can't i?


  1. no tv in the room. tvs are for living rooms. bed rooms are for sleeping and... other stuff :)

  2. no tv in our room either... we decided it was enough in one room of the house... haha i may steal this idea! loved it:)