the artist within

after numerous accounts throughout the last 2 years of me dropping obvious hints to scotty about going to Color Me Mine, the sweet guy caught on. 

we went two saturdays ago... and i might go as far as to say that it was one of the top 3 most fun dates we have ever been on. i soaked up every creative and productive second of it! it reminded me of living in washington and taking watercolor classes at a house up in the mountain. so artistic, i know. 

i missed painting. the vast array of colors, the different types of brushes. it's all mesmerizing to me. i feel like my creativity has deteriorated over the years. another thing that inspired the date is the fact that lately, i've acquired a random obsession with mugs. plus i am always hungry for more scotty-ashley-bonding time. so this activity fed all three of my desires. greatest husband ever? it was perfect. 

documentation of the night: 

scotty got an oversized bowl and i got an oversized mug. 
i guess we like oversized.

hard at work!

 waiting for our masterpieces to be glazed was a nightmare. i hate suspense. i hate waiting. i hate all of it.  i could only imagine the Color Me Mine employees pulling my mug out of the oven and accidentally dropping it on a tile floor, breaking it into pieces. thursday night practically felt like christmas eve. 

our works turned out beautiful! i love them! it's funny how we used the same amount of resources and time, yet our creations are completely different. scotty is the abstract, contemporary artist, while i will forever be a pink-lover. the frills, ruffles, polka dots, and banners are what warm my heart. 



 it's like... bigger than my face.
so excited.