that's my jam!

im notorious for labeling every song that comes on the radio as "my jam."
scotty loves it.

... okay, maybe it's slightly annoying.
but there are just so many good songs out there that i love and appreciate!

right now, i have three favorite favorite favorite current jams.
i had to hurry and write this post because they will probably change in a few days.
hahaha seriously.
and yes, these ARE in a particular order.

jam #3
"glad you came" by the wanted.
can i share my favorite few lines? oh my gosh i love them.
"now i'll take you by the hand,
hand you another drink,
drink it if you can,
can you spend a little time,
time is slipping away,
away from us so stay,
stay with me i can make,
make you glad you came."

... see what they did there? im obsessed. i guess it sounds dumb reading it, so you just have to listen to it here. i love the lyrics. they're real cute. and it is such a fun, weird, upbeat song. it makes me want to dance. 

jam #2
"lights" by ellie goulding
so good. so techno. so fun to sing. so catchy. her voice is so soft and so high. i know the whole song consists of about six words, but i love it. however, the music video makes me depressed because the whole three minutes and forty seconds consist of her flipping her hair around. you cant do that with a dike spike like mine. 

and last but DEFINITELY not least,
jam #1
"payphone" by maroon 5.
loooooooooooooove it! i love maroon 5. always have, always will. we had a big office debate a few weeks ago regarding the question, "who is the greatest band of the 21st century?" it seriously went on for days. we polled customers, we tried to persuade each other in heated debates, but no matter what anyone says i will never say coldplay deserves the title. because they don't. obviously, it should go to the most entertaining, versatile, likeable, band: maroon 5. an added bonus in their trip to success is adam levine's face. anyway, the song is great. a combination of reality, romance, remorse, and even a little rap. who could ask for anything more? aside from the weird anime music video and the f-word, i'm in love. repeat. repeat. repeat. oh my gosh it is so good. 
just listen. please. 
... so much better than coldplay. 

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