half a year

well oh my heck.
can you believe we've been married for OVER SIX MONTHS now?!
scotty and i are both astonished.
and accomplished.
and still so infatuated with each other.

i mean, six months. that's a big deal!
it's like half a year!
182 days!

part of me is shocked that we've been married that long, and the other part is shocked that it's been six months and not six years.

friday was busy busy. we both had work, and then we went to the temple with my beautiful roommate katherine who is getting married this week! ahh! so our celebrations were extended to saturday.

i made some personal pizzas for lunch.

then we cleaned all day because we have visitors coming this week!
and for dinner we revisited a place that holds a special memory in our hearts.
after scotty proposed, we drove to the nearest taco bell in complete bliss and celebration.

six month anniversary?
what could be more appropriate that a night of taco bell takeout?

the cute boy spoiled me with flowers
 oh and oooonnnnee other thing...
looks like i need to step up my game for our 7 month. 
i love my husband and words cannot express my happiness with being married to him! 
6 months down, 10948395725823048239047290389480192392 to go.