everything's changing

i love life right now.
the whole period between high school graduation and college graduation is just a big ball of excitement. i'm soaking up every adventure! everything is so new and constantly changing. people transfer schools, peers switch majors, friends move to other states. there are babies and weddings and missions and i just love keeping up with everyone's lives!

exhibit a: katherine dew
i freaking love this girl. my ex roommate, my fellow horse-hater, my ice cream eating buddy, and my multi-talented friend. we survived freshman year of college, and a car accident together. 
she caught the bouquet at my wedding and now she's getting married on saturday! 
go freaking figure. 
she and brandon will be such a cute happy married couple! they are so perfect together. i can't wait to go to my first sealing in the temple! (first sealing in the temple after mine, of course)   

exhibit b: jen ballard
speaking of weddings, june 9th is the date of jen's. jen and i have been great friends ever since that magical day during third year of girls camp. we have so much fun together! jen holds a special place in my heart being the only BHS-native friend that i care to see at byu. she is always there for me when i am in a hate-provo mood and we are so good at making each other laugh. (do you even know how to drive an automatic?!) (you're kind of a disgusting skank.) (boo you whore.) 
we've done EFY, probably over 100 farm basket trips, late-night sonic runs (or mid-day, morning, or happy hour), road trips, ditching classes senior year of high school, prom, homecoming, long nights in the library, movie quoting, dress shopping, lingerie shopping, and oh so much more. i love her! 
she & tony are so freaking cute together. they are so in love and so hilarious! we love hanging out with them. only a few more weeks! 

exhibit c: lauren harris
lauren and i don't have the same lengthy history as the rest, but i love her just as much! we have gotten so close over the past few months working together in the student employment office. she is so brilliant and optimistic, her happiness just radiates from her precious little face. see? 
she is on STUDY ABROAD right now! how cool is that?! she is having the time of her life in london, but also traveling to different places in europe. last week she was in PARIS! i am so happy and excited for her, but at the same time my heart is ripped into shreds because she left me. we can't even take a decent picture together because we laugh the whole time. 
 i miss her but i am so glad she is having fun! if you want to drool over her amazing life/adventures as i do, check out her blog here

exhibit d: audrey heaton
no need to remember the first name, because in a few short days she will only be referred to as "sister heaton"!!! (or something weird in chinese that i have no idea how to spell or say) 
 audrey and i met freshman year at byu. our similarities included watching spongebob, quoting spongebob, and impersonating spongebob characters. however, we have since matured from that stage and are becoming model citizens of the world! i had the privilege of being with her when she opened her mission call- so fun! 
 i only get to see her one more time before she's off!
exhibit e: kami lords
saved the craziest news for last. how is it that one of my best best BEST friends growing up is now cultivating a small fetus in her perfect little body!? WHAT? 
this is kami lords, my friends. and she is pregnant. 
how did we go from being these weird little creeps...

to mature and married women? 
ha! who am i kidding? kami and i won't be mature for a long time.
we'll probably be 70 years old and still talking in borat voices to each other. 
we've been through so much together. so many ups and downs since the time i bought a same shirt that she had because i wanted to be popular like her in the 7th grade! (ignore the run on.) summers at the beach together, seeing plays together, making the weird kissy face together, 
all. the. time. 
and even fake laughing so we can have a "cute candid shot" together. HA! 
 from runsdays to baker brothers, family home evenings and ditching student council, we always have the best times together. i love my kami and i can't believe she's pregnant! i'm still in shock from excitement! AH! you know you're getting old when your friends start having babies on purpose

basically, all i'm trying to say here is that i love my friends. all of them. and i am so excited that we are old and we have the ability to do fun things like have babies or get married or go on study abroad or go preach the gospel abroad. this is such a fun time! here's to more adventures!


  1. AHHHH! I have a few things to say:
    1- I've got tears in my eyes right now. I miss you so much. :(
    2- Can we set up a Skype date or something soon because I need to see your face!
    3- You are definitely more beautiful now than ever. Yay for being pretty!
    4- I'm exhibit C behind Jen and Katherine?! That's such a compliment!
    5- I'm kinda mad you put up my silly picture but not really because I love you too much.
    That's it. :) Thanks for being so amazing!

  2. Ummmmm...I already cried enough at your wedding. Stop making me do it from things you post online, too.
    LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!

  3. your so cute! i remember that girls camp with you and jen. it was the first time i met you! your hilarious.

  4. k love this post along with your adorable blog! xo