well, this is it. 
the day has come. 
I, ashley barnes, have officially started my own blog. with college arriving quickly in a couple of months, and the new easy/24 hour access to internet (gotta love the beauty of graduation presents :] ), i figure "why not".. right? I think blogging is somewhat therapeutic. It feels good to just write about anything and everything.. let it all out. i've always liked writing, unfortunately when it comes to essays or reports in school i can never compile all of my information in the right order. but things like this come easy for me. like writing church talks. i ramble a lot and stray off topic. which reminds me, another reason i am about to begin blogging is for my mother's sake. I'll admit i'm not the best at keeping in touch, so maybe this will be a help to her. keep everyone posted with my provo life. another reason is that i know from personal experience how much fun blog-stalking people is.. so why not give others the opportunity to enjoy?  sorry for the nakedness/boring appearance of my blog. give me a couple days to figure this whole thing out...
i think this will do quite nicely for an introduction post... i dont know what else to say. so i wont.