obsessed? yes.

wow i cant believe i went over a month without blogging. what a disgrace.
anyway. i figured that i should announce to the world that i am completely obsessed with three things in my life right now.

1. this is a jamwich.

i eat (at least) one of these every single day without fail... in fact i just remembered i have one in my fridge. YES! hahaha. they are so good. you'd think it would just be the same as any other pb&j sandwich... but it is so much more.

as you may or may not be able to see... the chefs of this masterpiece chose a special layering pattern in between the delicious soft and white crust-less bread. it goes bread, peanut butter, jam, peanut butter, bread. GENIUS! i want to go to the jamwich head quarters and bow down to the creator. and dont even get me started on how the fact that it comes from a refrigerated vending machine makes it ten times better. the bread is soft and moist. the peanut butter is firm and chilly. MMMM. they make a great grab-and-go breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnight snack, after-school treat, or all of the above. AND, the great part is they are only like 200 calories. haha.

this might sound weird. but im obsessed lately. eddy and i went to the mall last saturday and we spotted like 500 babies. i am always on the look out. we saw this one that was soooo small and cute. naturally, i had to stop the woman and get a closer look. he was only nine days old. ahh. my maternal clock is ticking.

thiiiiiiis is my best friend. he makes me so happy! we talk every day. he just got his mission call this week to montreal, canada!! i am so freaking excited for him. he leaves march 24th. its going to be so weird not texting or calling with him... but i think we will be able to survive. oh and get this. he will be speaking french and spanish. have you ever heard of that? two languages. he's gonna be trilingual. hot, huh?

anyway. that's all thats going on in my life right now... along with school and church of course. college is fun.. and weird. hahaha. thats all i have to say.