Halloween 2013

Scotty and I have now been together for FOUR Halloweens. The sad thing is, none of them have been particularly festive. Let's recap:

Halloween 2010: Ah, young love. We'd only been dating 3 months. Our Halloween was a fun trip to Texas with the Marx family. We went to a wedding, ate Chick-fil-a, and toured Fortworth! A great trip, but I spent Halloween day in the airport haha. No costumes, no carving pumpkins, and no candy. (Although, Scotty was wearing a ridiculous orange shirt which could have resembled a pumpkin, and my eyebrows were scarier than any monster I've ever seen!)

Halloween 2011: SO ANXIOUS TO GET MARRIED! Just a mere 11 days away! I spent the weekend in Vegas getting a marriage license, going through the temple, and wedding planning. Halloween was the following Monday, which I spent getting my IUD in and sleeping for the rest of the day because I was knocked out on drugs. I woke up at 7 p.m. and did homework. No costumes, but Scotty and I carved pumpkins and ate a pack of sweetarts. I posted this anti status on Facebook: 

Halloween 2012: Our first Halloween together as a married couple! I dreamt of cute themed couples costumes and pretty Halloween parties, but reality had a different vision. I had to work a carnival at BYU, so Scotty stayed home and handed out halloween candy all alone. We DID go to Jen & Tony's to watch the presidential debate and make Halloween wreaths. Also, I made a skeleton cut-out shirt with Lauren for the carnival. And who could forget the mini pumpkins Scotty and I carved? A little more festive, but still missing some essential elements. 

This year was bound to be special. After three years of boring, we dressed up, celebrated, and went to parties!

Halloween 2013:
Our festivities started on Tuesday night with an awesome Halloween party at our friend's house. We ate gourmet french toast, played mafia, and took pictures in a spooky photobooth. On Wednesday, we went to our ward Halloween party and Trunk-or-Treat. We passed out candy, stuffed our faces with cheese balls and pumpkin bread, and mingled with friends. I tried not to be pissed toward the other couple wearing our exact costume. Thursday, I went to the Halloween carnival at my school, and then Scotty and I watched all the Halloween episodes of The Office. We bought candy to pass out, but sadly not a single trick-or-treater came to our door. Boo! However, I'd say this year was the most festive we've ever been; take a look at our sweet bank-account-inspired costumes!
Happy Halloween!



Last weekend we drove down to Brian Head to play with my family. On Friday, we ventured off to Bryce Canyon National Park! I have a new life goal to visit all five of Utah's national parks... I feel it's a necessity for my Utah-history-and-geography-teaching self! The views were stunning and the company was even better. I love my family! 
Don't laugh at our outfit choices... My dad informed me he would be taking lots of pictures to blow up and hang in his newly-designed living room. We looked so out of place next to all the serious hikers and campers. 
We love tanner 
... and canyon-gazing.
My cute parents. 
Tanner was loving all the photo ops. 
We had such a relaxing time. Some other highlights of our weekend include:
+ playing card games 
+ watching modern family 
+ making frothed milk & pumpkin drinks
+ eating caramels
+ 4-wheeling adventures 
+ watching movies 

... and one other event (I wouldn't really call it a "highlight," but it needs recording) was being Tanner's photographer while he climbed a ski-lift pole. A perfect balance of horrifying and hilarious. The things we do for the sake of Instagram!


Remember Me?

Today marked day 5 of my fall break. I forgot how good it feels to sleep in, lounge around, and communicate with family and friends! Don't get me wrong, teaching is great! But holy crap it's life-consuming. I am excited to have three weeks off so I can catch up on my life. I have a lengthy to-do list, but a lot of the items revolve around me relaxing :) Here are some snippets from my life during past two months: 
 So much support from day one. Thanks, friends. 
My new get-up. 
 Being sick the first week of school was the worst.  I think my body is slowly adjusting to the whole "constantly being around 25 other people at the same time" thing
 Grumpy cat. 
 Class on class on class. So bored. 
 A portrait from a student :) 
My favorite time of year: pumpkin recipe season!
 Who has time for that? 
 I almost had an anxiety attack when I left my students for half a day. I had to go to a class, so I left my kids with a sub for the first time. It was horrible. I missed them and worried about them the whole time. My team laughed at me for laying everything out like this before I left.  
 My proudest accomplishment is my clean desk. 
Sometimes I eat with the little people. 
Maybe one day I won't be the last person to leave the school. Maybe.
I survived my first glitter project.
I'm surprised the custodian doesn't hate me.

And that's my life in photo-dump form.
Here's my view for the next three weeks:
Movies, grading, and cleaning!