be prepared.

i've been known to have a few random skills; i can whistle really loud with my fingers in my mouth, name all the presidents of the u.s.a in order, and even sleep through fire alarms. yesterday, i was reminded of one of my talents and decided to show it off.

my english class is so busy. in the past month we've written three papers, had weekly quizzes, and tons of random homework assignments. this week she decided to spice it up a bit and have us each take 5 minutes to teach the class on an assigned subject. i got "sentence fragments".... stupid. but feasible. we were required to have a visual aid, a handout for everyone in the class, and present in 5 minutes or less.

so we get the assignment monday, and have to present on friday. cool. whatever. i'll think about it later. now im not going to say i forgot... because i didnt forget. i had four tests, a different presentation, a friend in town, and plenty of other more important things to do. i figured i could put it off until the last second.

i have the class at 1 on friday. and around 11:45 i woke up and decided i should probably start. i rushed through my notes and made some stupid 1/4 page handouts (i almost cried. i miss being able to use my moms scrapbooking equipment whenver i want... i had to cut the handouts with scissors. they looked hideous!), scribbled some junk on a poster board, and wrote a few things on a notecard so i wouldn't choke. i worked up until the last second possible, threw on a shirt, rocked a ponytail, and brushed my teeth.
the presentation was definitely not great- or so i thought...

miss hedengren passed me this note after i sat down, and i had to use every inch of self-control inside of me to not start cracking up. "i can tell you prepared for this" HA! if she only knew!! Its moments like this that make me feel like i might finish college and not die along the way.

i only got points off because i went over five minutes. i was TOO prepared hahaha.
hope you get as much of a kick out of this as i did.