i've always thought of my life as pretty uneventful. never had stitches, never had any serious injuries, never broken a bone, etc. the most traumatic thing thus far was hearing oprah talk about ending her show.
and then last night i was just having a normal time, like any other night. special roommate bonding time with dew, stuffed our faces with ice cream. the usual. then she's driving me home, we're cruisin' along on university pkwy, fighting over some stupid miranda cosgrove song on the radio, i look up and we're coming up to a red light! "hey... you gonna slow down?" haha. but it was too late. she pushed on the breaks but we were too close to the car and we smashed right into it.
we were both wearing our seat-belts, which is awesome because sometimes i have a bad habit of forgetting to put mine on. and i am happy to report that her airbags were in top shape and smacked the living crap out of my face.
we're still not entirely sure what happened with my hand here haha... i have a really deep cut between my index finger and middle finger. i think when i put my hand up to stop the airbag (brilliant idea) my fingers were spread and the force just ripped them apart. no idea.
so we took a little trip to the emergency room and i now have 15 stitches in my right hand! (and two hannah montana stickers)
i got pretty burnt on my arm from the airbag. katherine's whole chest and neck are burnt :(
good thing it was my right hand and school starts next week haha! i can barely even type. i guess its time for me to work on one of my life goals- becoming ambidextrous!
i'll keep you posted on how that goes.


busy bee

ooooooh my gosh this past week has been freaking nuts.
where do i begin?
moving in was a nightmare... see:
i have so much stuff i dont know what to do with it! at this exact moment... i think i am satisfied with my room (area by the sink doesn't count!) but give me another week and that may change. i finally have every box emptied and organized. this is what it looked like at the beginning haha...

i found this while unpacking. very exciting to say the least...

so once i got myself all settled in (somewhere inbetween my ridiculous hours of training... some days it was like 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM. i need my sleep!) it was time to decorate my floor. it was weird being the only one on my floor for the whole week! kinda creepy at times.
the theme i chose for my floor is "BEE all that you can be" stupid, cheesy, spiritual, perfect for byu haha!
yesterday was nuts. residents were coming for early check-in at 5:00, and it was the first day that we had specific time allotted to decorating. so of course i had nothing ready at all. hooray for procrastination haha! you'd think after 19 years, i'd learn to do things early. luckily, most of the girls are coming on wednesday.
in one day i went through 11 yards of butcher paper, 2 whole glue sticks, a full pack of sticky tack, cut out 96 flowers/stems/middles (and also managed to cut a hole in the middle of my shirt in the process), and made 3 different trips to the bookstore.
yesterday reminded me of being in student council and decorating the halls for homecoming... except this time i was all alone. which was nice because i thrive off of my own work. it gives me some weird sort of satisfaction knowing i did all of this by myself hahaha. i guess i'm independent. maybe not since i called my mom 50 times this week. but anyway, here is the beautiful result of my hard labor!

Now multiply that by 24 haha.
here is my awesome work station:

the hall looks so good. a mom came in last night and was like "oh my gosh ashley this is so cute, i'm gonna cry! i'm tearing up! you are so awesome! we're so lucky our girl has you as an RA!" hahahaha. and she asked for my phone number. not sure if i should be concerned or not.... :) just kiddin.
OH, how could i forget my beeeeeautiful door tags. they have each residents name on them.
i feel very accomplished today. my floor is decorated, my room is moderately cute now (today i hung my whiteboard up, pictures, decorative stars, painted letters of my name and hung them on my door, organized my shoes, put away laundry, took out trash) and for the most part i am happy! i forgot how green and luscious byu is in the fall. it was so ugly last time i was here haha.
despite what it may sound like, i really am excited to be an RA. i've already met 5 of my girls and they are awesome. hopefully the next 37 are the same!

have a fantastic week.
cross your fingers for me and my sanity.


my weakness.

i just love shirts.

i unpacked all of my clothes and laid all my tops on my chair. then i tried to lift them over to my bed. it was quite the experience haha. i couldnt help but document the precious moment. my arms were shaking after... i need to go to the gym!

i can go a whole school year without repeating a top.
(here is 1/5th of what i need to fit in my closet)

and i color coordinate my closet.

i need to write about moving, utah, and boyfriend! but i have r.a. training early in the morning... so i'll save all those fun stories for another day :)