the best shower of my life

last saturday was my bridal shower and oh my heck, was it fun!
see these two ladies right here?
they made the magic happen.
brenda & lynette. they both played pretty big parts in my high school life... brenda was my young womens president and best friends mother! so i was over at her house a lot. my favorite times i had with brenda were my senior year... she was so good about forcing me to come to mutual and to make my senior quilt haha :) i love her. lynette was my favorite seminary teacher. she is amazing, and i have always looked up to her. she is the sweetest thing. i have always hoped that i can be as cute of a mom as she is!

they decorated so cute all in pink, of course!

the present pile blew my mind haha. people are just so nice :) i felt like the luckiest girl in the world! or a princess... or the luckiest princess in the world?

above is "the baby-maker" blanket haha. i only say this because i will probably mention it in future posts... it is the only thing i brought back up to school with me! (my friends have filled our apartment with every kitchen thing imaginable... i'm saving my gifts for our newly wed apartment) anyway, it's the softest thing i've ever touched haha. im obsessed.

my mom got me a sewing machine! i was seriously so surprised!! i am still so excited about it. also featured in this picture is the red kitchenaid kim got me! it is soo cute. i'll put that thing to a lot of use! the two mothers hooked me up :)

the classic bow hat. who made up this tradition...? stupid, if you ask me.

all loaded up! good thing we brought the van haha
i loved seeing all of my favorite people and celebrating with them!

it's almost november, you know :)



its things like these that make me remember why i love utah:
the caramel apples
the stupid jokes only lds people would understand that are all over campus
and of course... the rain.
i was in the gym, facebook stalking while on the bike, and i read someones status about rain in provo- i jumped up and ran outside in about 3 seconds. then i continued my workout in this lovely weather, running all around my neighborhood.

the main thing i don't love about utah:
missing this boy every day.

so my question to you is:
is it november yet?


new record

hours spent on campus from 9/13 to 9/14: 28
my feelings on that:

good night.


weekly report: #1

well, i've been in school for exactly a week. i thought for my posterity and mother's sakes, i would document the significant things that have happened to me in the past 7 days.

1. attended every class, and arrived a punctual 5+ minutes early (big deal)
2. made a special effort to be friendly to people i sit next to in class (bigger deal)
3. applied for, interviewed for, and got a job! YAY ME! (biggest deal)
4. visited the annual heber festival known as "swiss days" and had so much fun with family, shopping & looking at the fun crafts and merchandise swiss days had to offer.
5. purchased a painting at swiss days of mine & scotty's wedding place (only 67 more days)
6. purchased an adorable headband at swiss days. will post picture later.
7. went to the grocery store and bought ONLY vegetables for the first time in my life
8. made my own guacamole ... NOT from a package, but from the vegetables mentioned in #7. the roommate k-dew definitely approved, and that's all that i am striving for in this life. so... mission complete.
(action shot below)
9. scored a free pass to seven peaks for a night (THANK YOU ALISSE'S MOM)
10. went to my cousin's baby's blessing. he is absolutely ADORABLE! and he was really happy for the most part :) that is.. until someone stole him away from me.
11. caught up with bff kami lords! we had a successful nordstrom/cafe rio trip like the good old days. i am so lucky to have the prettiest and nicest and funnest friends!

12. realized how easy it is to go into costco thinking "okay, i'll just buy the necessities..." and then buy enough food to feed a small family for months.
13. watched the justin beiber movie twice- five times if you count my dreams.
14. received an amazing 100% on all three math assignments i've had so far (almost didn't write this because i dont want to jinx myself)
15. lived a whole week without buying the normal food essentials such as milk, bread, and eggs... i'm more of a muffin, turkey, and frozen pizza kind of person.

i dont know what it is, but i just have a good feeling about this semester!
hope everyone else is having as much fun as me :)
its been real. it's been fun. it's been real fun.