the best shower of my life

last saturday was my bridal shower and oh my heck, was it fun!
see these two ladies right here?
they made the magic happen.
brenda & lynette. they both played pretty big parts in my high school life... brenda was my young womens president and best friends mother! so i was over at her house a lot. my favorite times i had with brenda were my senior year... she was so good about forcing me to come to mutual and to make my senior quilt haha :) i love her. lynette was my favorite seminary teacher. she is amazing, and i have always looked up to her. she is the sweetest thing. i have always hoped that i can be as cute of a mom as she is!

they decorated so cute all in pink, of course!

the present pile blew my mind haha. people are just so nice :) i felt like the luckiest girl in the world! or a princess... or the luckiest princess in the world?

above is "the baby-maker" blanket haha. i only say this because i will probably mention it in future posts... it is the only thing i brought back up to school with me! (my friends have filled our apartment with every kitchen thing imaginable... i'm saving my gifts for our newly wed apartment) anyway, it's the softest thing i've ever touched haha. im obsessed.

my mom got me a sewing machine! i was seriously so surprised!! i am still so excited about it. also featured in this picture is the red kitchenaid kim got me! it is soo cute. i'll put that thing to a lot of use! the two mothers hooked me up :)

the classic bow hat. who made up this tradition...? stupid, if you ask me.

all loaded up! good thing we brought the van haha
i loved seeing all of my favorite people and celebrating with them!

it's almost november, you know :)


  1. i just came across your blog...its so pretty!



  2. Amazing blog! The pictures are awesome and you look very happy and beautiful. The pink color is just mind blowing. Will have pink and purple theme in my bridal shower at one of well-liked event space. Will hire best event planners for it. Will try to make it one of best day of my life.