hello beaches

Last weekend, my three best friends and i took a road trip to CALIFORNIA!
it was definitely the highlight of my summer so far. i love these girls more than anything! i wish so much that alex could have come with us... but she's busy rockin her job at tuacahn.

leah's mom took this cute picture of us as we were heading out of town... notice the adorable matching sunglasses we bought specially for the trip :) hahaha. $10, nordstrom. i'm in love. we planned to leave around 6:30... but being girls and being forgetful caused us to leave at 7:40! (i think? i cant remember) i couldnt find my stupid ipod with the 250+ song-playlist i made for the trip. it was a big deal. but i of course found a solution.

me and leah having fun on the drive haha... we had so much fun! the whole time we were all cracking jokes and singing obnoxiously loud and talking in accents or acting stupid. i really can't explain how much i love these girls.

we stayed at kristine's aunt's house the whole weekend.. it was so nice! she is the cutest thing ever. but on friday we met up with my family at oceanside... they were staying at a beach house. so that was nice to see them! (and use their stuff and eat their food!)

we're pretty cute, i know.

this one is my favorite. i forced everyone to stop because i couldnt pass up this cute picture spot. this was at del mar, super pretty beach! but.... we had to climb down this steep cliff to get to the water, and then the tide was in so there was no room to lay out or anything! all of our stuff was getting wet. so we went back to kristine's aunt's house and laid out by the pool :) hahaha. it was the perfect weekend with perfect company, perfect weather, everything!

let's start making plans for next years trip!!


an eclipse

first of all, sorry i suck at blogging.

second of all... eclipse may or may not have been the best movie i've seen all year. still debating. all i know is that it was amazing! leah, kami, kristine and i bought our tickets like two months ago and ever since then we have been anxiously awaiting june 30th! haha it was great. our showing was at 12:05. we had our traditional dinner at BJ's and then headed over to the red rock for our movie.

kristine and kami made us all matching t-shirts! we felt awesome in them.

kami and leah in our sweet shirts. they have jacob and edward on them... even though it really should just have edward...
kristine and me all giddy before the movie started. hahaha.
it was an intense movie! i am excited for the next one.
fun fact: i peed my pants a little bit for the first time in who knows how long! i drank a huge dr. pepper before the movie and about halfway through i had to pee so bad. it hurt. i kept telling myself i could make it one more hour because i didnt want to miss any part of the movie... but i hit the limit and either had to choose peeing on the floor or in a toilet. luckily for the fellow twilight fans around me, i picked the toilet.

twilight is so fun... one of these days i will reread the books.
and to all you haters out there: bite me.