random thoughts

1. this is what i had for dinner.
for some reason, cafe rio never gets old to me. i'll go eat it tomorrow if you want me to prove my point. and the next day. and the next day. and the next day.

2. this is where i am right now. watching scotty do some homework.
this is scotty doing his homework. isn't he so cute? best part is- he doesnt even know i took that beauty.
this is me smiling because i just remembered that i haven't had homework for the past 3 1/2 months! HA! and i wont for another 5. suckers.
3. this is my FAVORITE favorite favorite song right now.
i told scotty that sometimes i can't even sing it right because i'm smiling so big. that's me for ya.

4. did i mention i got a new job? it's amazing. i've been there about 3 weeks... and i'm in love. i am a runner at a law firm. i deliver papers to court, file/copy/scan documents, get mail, run random errands, and all sorts of things. i really like it because a) it pays awesome, b) i don't sweat my face off like i did in the sticky dry cleaners, c) i get to dress cute every day, and d) i feel really important haha.

5. that's all.


everybody dies but not everybody lives

oh gosh.
this week scotty got his motorcycle license.

and up until thursday night i have been anti anti anti motorcycle, or as i like to call them "death traps." i had never been on one, but heard enough tragic and gory stories to make my mind up about them.

and thursday everything changed.

he practically begged me to ride with him and i gave in.

and at first it was terrifying. we barely made it out of the neighborhood and i wanted to jump off and walk home.
but then... i got used to it and i couldnt stop smiling! i love the speed and the wind and the chill. we were on our way home and i even asked him to keep riding longer!
i decided it's absolutely thrilling

quick trip

last weekend my mom, tanner, and i went up to utah! it was way fun. not only because i got to drive the lexus, but because i got to see a lot of friends and family!

i spent most of saturday in provo visiting my cute girls from my floor... i missed them so much! it was great seeing all of them. i can't believe they're almost done with freshman year!
then i ventured over to the real apartments and hung out with my friends abby, alisse, alyssa, audrey, heather, and katherine. i love these girls!

while audrey is studying abroad in scotland this fall, i will be taking her place at the apartment until i get married!
the rest of the weekend involved this guy!
my cousin curtis came home from his mission last week! it was exciting and entertaining to see him again. he is so funny. a couple highlights of the week were curtis reading us a book he bought in korea (it was called "who pooped on my head?") and watching him watch all of the commercials he'd missed. and who could forget him reading statuses on facebook and asking "who's lady g-a-g-a??"
i got to see two of my favorite cousins! ang and charity. charity is getting so big.... i can barely hold her anymore.
and for some reason ang and i can never take a normal picture together haha!
i realized that last weekend was the first time i've ever been excited to drive to utah! usually when i make that drive, it's me going back to school after visiting vegas... not a happy time. it was a fun weekend, but i'm glad to be back. and i may or may not have been having scotty withdrawals... don't judge.


sew fun

you know what i hate?
when you meet someone new or fill out a survey or start a new class or make small talk with random people and they all ask the same exact question.

"what do you do for fun?"

eh... what? fun? i forgot what that was the second i read my college acceptance letter. haha. i hate it when people ask me that. every time i'm faced with the question, i awkwardly give the same answer: "haha. i hate this question..."

listen. i dont have any hobbies. i work, i go to church, i sleep, sometimes i go to the gym, and i eat. i dont play any instruments. i don't play any sports. i'm not an amazing chef. i dont particularly like to read books. i can't draw, paint, or anything like unto it.

ladies and gentlemen, i would like to consider myself a sewer. not the smelly, underground kind- just the kind that works with needles and thread. check out my latest masterpieces:

remember back in the day when i made a quilt? a few weeks ago i came to the conclusion that i need a mature quilt. mine are always pink and remind me of 12 year old girls. and they dont cover my toes anymore, which drives me absolutely crazy. although i hate to admit it, i'm getting old. pretty soon i will be a wife! so i appropriately chose a granny material and a few selections that complemented it.

the whole process took about three days. and now, i have a beautiful and warm quilt! i love it. it's the perfect size!

the sweet success of my quilt has inspired me to sew more things. i'm even in the market to buy a sewing machine of my own, instead of using my moms that was made in the 70's. i was on the lookout for a new project, and it landed on my doorstep with my name written all over it. literally.
i ordered this dress online (not the best idea considering you have to guess lengths/sizes), and when it arrived i was really bummed. it was too short for my liking, but super cute!

so i got some inspiration from this picture.
made another trip to joann's.
started sewing.

and viola! we have a new and improved dress.
quite frankly, i think it's cuter than it was before.

i'm looking forward to the next time i can answer that stupid question.