quick trip

last weekend my mom, tanner, and i went up to utah! it was way fun. not only because i got to drive the lexus, but because i got to see a lot of friends and family!

i spent most of saturday in provo visiting my cute girls from my floor... i missed them so much! it was great seeing all of them. i can't believe they're almost done with freshman year!
then i ventured over to the real apartments and hung out with my friends abby, alisse, alyssa, audrey, heather, and katherine. i love these girls!

while audrey is studying abroad in scotland this fall, i will be taking her place at the apartment until i get married!
the rest of the weekend involved this guy!
my cousin curtis came home from his mission last week! it was exciting and entertaining to see him again. he is so funny. a couple highlights of the week were curtis reading us a book he bought in korea (it was called "who pooped on my head?") and watching him watch all of the commercials he'd missed. and who could forget him reading statuses on facebook and asking "who's lady g-a-g-a??"
i got to see two of my favorite cousins! ang and charity. charity is getting so big.... i can barely hold her anymore.
and for some reason ang and i can never take a normal picture together haha!
i realized that last weekend was the first time i've ever been excited to drive to utah! usually when i make that drive, it's me going back to school after visiting vegas... not a happy time. it was a fun weekend, but i'm glad to be back. and i may or may not have been having scotty withdrawals... don't judge.

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