random thoughts

1. this is what i had for dinner.
for some reason, cafe rio never gets old to me. i'll go eat it tomorrow if you want me to prove my point. and the next day. and the next day. and the next day.

2. this is where i am right now. watching scotty do some homework.
this is scotty doing his homework. isn't he so cute? best part is- he doesnt even know i took that beauty.
this is me smiling because i just remembered that i haven't had homework for the past 3 1/2 months! HA! and i wont for another 5. suckers.
3. this is my FAVORITE favorite favorite song right now.
i told scotty that sometimes i can't even sing it right because i'm smiling so big. that's me for ya.

4. did i mention i got a new job? it's amazing. i've been there about 3 weeks... and i'm in love. i am a runner at a law firm. i deliver papers to court, file/copy/scan documents, get mail, run random errands, and all sorts of things. i really like it because a) it pays awesome, b) i don't sweat my face off like i did in the sticky dry cleaners, c) i get to dress cute every day, and d) i feel really important haha.

5. that's all.

1 comment:

  1. 1. Did you take that cafe rio pic? It looks really professional, and my mouth water'd a little bit. mmmm
    2. you & scotty are cuuuuuute.
    3. you just showed me the coooolest song everrrr. I just downloaded it.
    4. your new job sounds sweeeeet. I'm excited for you!!!
    5. LOVE YA TONS. zig zig ziggayyy