Transformation Tuesday

My BYU graduation was last week, and I've spent a lot of time reflecting on the past five years. So many things changed between these two graduations! I look at my high school picture and barely even recognize that girl. I'm so proud of the person I've become, and the accomplishments I've made along this journey. 
18  ------->  23
white  ------->  blue
desperately single  ------->  happily married 
bengal  ------->  cougar
Las Vegas resident  ------->  Salt Lake City resident
thin awkward eyebrows ------->  filled & shaped eyebrows
Volvo S40  ------->  Hyundai Elantra
student council  ------->  honor-code violator 
Dr. Pepper  ------->  bottled water 
Barnes  ------->  Marx 
savings account  ------->  student loans
virgin hair  ------->  subtle ombre
David Archuleta  ------->  Justin Bieber 
pet turtle  ------->  anti-animals
MAC  -------> Bare Minerals 
super baby hungry  ------->  terrified of offspring
guitar hero  ------->  subway surfers 
macbook  ------->  macbook air
bangs  ------->  bang-free 
American Idol & Survivor  ------->  Modern Family & Grey's Anatomy
warm summer's tan  ------->  pale white skin
LG chocolate touch  ------->  iPhone 5S
honor's medallion  ------->  just happy to pass 
favorite subject: English  ------->  favorite subject: science
part-time job at a dry cleaner  ------->  full-time 4th grade teacher
Mean Girls  ------->  Pitch Perfect
Facebook  ------->  Instagram
2009  ------->  2014



Welp, we are moving.
Every corner of our apartment looks like this right now.

After 2.5 years of living in Midvale, we have decided to pack our bags and venture off into the bustling, delightful patch of land that is Salt Lake City. And I'm not talking "Salt Lake City" as in one of the nearby cities close enough to call it Salt Lake City -- I'm talking downtown, behind the conference center, seeing the glow of the Christmas lights at Temple Square, Salt Lake City.

I have mixed feelings about this milestone. Yes, I'm excited. But I'm also not excited. If my 23 years have taught me anything about this life, it's this: Most changes are bittersweet. At least, to some extent. In helps to lighten my mood about the whole situation, I've been compiling a list of pros/cons. Except I'm presenting it as a list of cons/pros, because ending on a happy note seems like the better option here. Some of the situations I've been battling or celebrating are as follows:

- Potentially an extremely long, painful commute for me to West Jordan. (If I continue working in West Jordan. Which is another post for another day.)
- I will miss the amazing friends we've made in our ward and apartment complex.
- A heartbreakingly far distance away from a Super Target.
- No dishwasher. I know, I know. I cried a little bit. I foresee many paper plates being purchased in the near future. Scotty signed a full-time contract for dish duty, and he's currently on the hunt for a portable dishwasher.
- The bathroom in our new apartment sucks balls. LISTEN, I know that phrase is wildly inappropriate, but I promise you there's no better description. There is literally not an inch of counter space, no cabinets, no drawers, and I really hope the grout in there was painted brown. I can barely fit inside the bathroom, so two people seems completely out of the question! I'm thinking we will need to put an office/vanity area in the living room so I have somewhere to do my hair. Which also isn't ideal.
- The closet. *shudders* Picture this: a dark, cold, 1.5 ft. by .5 ft slice of wall space with a rickety pole and a couple of shelves. One where you need to stand sideways and suck in to be able to get through the door. That's our new closet. Pray for me.
- I reeeeeaaaally wanted to move into a 2 bedroom apartment. Sadly, this only has one bedroom.
- Packing and moving. Ugh.

- Rent is $200 less than what we're paying now, for more sq feet. So that's awesome. With my income doubling and the smaller rent check, Scotty predicts we'll save at least 7 grand next year.
- That extra stash of money could possibly turn into a down payment for a house!
- Harmon's and Trader Joes will be my new convenient grocery stores of choice! I love those places!
- Scotty can walk (within minutes!) to work and school. No more daily TRAX ticket purchases, planning out a schedule for the car, or driving way out of my way to pick him up!
- The living room in our new apartment is GREAT! It's bigger than ours, and it feels really open. There are huge windows that provide beautiful natural light, and the whole thing just seems fresh. It's not like the yellow-tinted cave we're living in now.
- We'll be living on the second floor. Every night in our current apartment, I fall asleep to the sweet sound of elephants stomping around above me and serenading me with their bodily fluids falling into the toilet. I won't miss that.
- Our new place is walking distance from City Creek, the Conference Center, Temple Square, and other enjoyable SLC hot-spots.
- I'm excited to explore a new city. Scotty and I love finding little hole-in-the-wall places. I want to get the authentic SLC experience! Unique restaurants, home stores, and clothing boutiques are calling my name!
- THE KITCHEN! Oh my goodness, the kitchen! It's open, it's full of light, it actually has decent cabinet space, and here's the best part -- more than one person can stand in it at a time. Isn't that magical? It's like all of my wife duties and experiences have been leading up to this point!
- Speaking of the kitchen, someone left a huuuuuge brand new freezer there. Score. I treasure my freezer space! I am so excited to buy in bulk and vacuum seal things even more than I already do.
- I'm excited for a fresh start with new friends, a new ward, and new neighbors.
- The Bountiful Temple won't be so out of the way. I love that temple; it's gorgeous!
- Whilst packing, I plan to do a lot of PURGING, which brings me an unspeakable amount of joy. I love de-junking and organizing. D.I. better clear some shelves!
- Combine the de-junking and saving extra money each month... Do you smell that? That's the sweet smell of new furniture and decorations.
-I may or may not have been bribed with hair extensions.

As you can see, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. My mind is a swirling pool of emotions right now. I'm happy, I'm excited, I'm anxious, stressed, terrified, humbled, and worried. Wish us luck!



WELL, I think it's safe to say I suck at blogging. Majorly suck. But, something I don't suck at is taking pictures on my phone. So here's a picture for every day in February... because frankly... that's all I have time for. Word.

Scotty set up a home computer with every movie, song, and picture we've ever had and connected it to our Apple TV... unlimited access to everything!  
My cousin recently had a baby and we went to his blessing. This is Sam's other boy, Chris, and he is pretty freaking cute. Also, we went to a Super Bowl party with my mom's side of the family.
Bill's the man. He taught me everything I know.
Fabric shopping for a potential DIY project... that houndstooth is calling my name. 
Enjoying off-track time, but anxiously preparing for my next few units. 
Found a new favorite app: Waterlogue. It magically turns all of my selfies (or any picture) into a fancy watercolor-like work of art. 
Hate. This. Game. 
Met with my counselor at BYU. He said I can graduate. I was so happy, I celebrated with chocolate milk and dark chocolate sea salt caramels. Good times. 
My secret admirer passed me a valentine during church. 
First day back at school after a 3-week break, and things got dirty! 
Early V-day gift from my coworker... true love, right here! 
Late-night Walmart trip for some essentials...
... to make soil layers in a cup! Probably my favorite lesson I've ever taught. 
Romantic spa night with my cute valentine. 
Parents came into town. We played mini golf at Trafalga, ate lots of candy, and I finally earned my place at the "adult" dinner. Precious bonding time. 
I laughed all day long looking at this picture of Scotty shining a light on my grandma so she could read the menu. I love both of them! Then we had theee best pot roast dinner at her house. 
Family went back to vegas. We had a heart-breaking (but delicious) goodbye at Fazolis. 
Enjoyed reading some of the Valentine's Day work. Grading isn't as boring as you'd think! 
Still on a candy-hangover from Valentine's day. My students spoiled me. 
We found out Scotty got accepted to the U! I am so excited and so proud of him! 
This is what our living room looks like at any given time. Hashtag teacher problems. 
We donated plasma for the first time... success! (and yay for extra target shopping money!) 
I officially started pinning for my graduation party... APRIL 25th!!! WOOO! 
SHORT SLEEVE WEATHER, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?!? However, I know Utah too well. This will not be the end of winter. Just a friendly sneak peek of what's to come in 3 months.
Classic Utah move: hot one day, rainy the next. 
I didn't mind, though. I'm a sucker for rainy days.
We housesat for my aunt Julie. I thoroughly enjoyed living in a house for a few days. We experienced a majestic life with a pantry, quality dishwasher, PERSONAL WASHER/DRYER, and kitchen that holds more than one person!
Another picture from Julie's. Scotty was pretty excited about their TV. Oh, and Grey's came back on... what a joke. But let's be honest, Dr. Kepner made the right choice. 
Finally tried a Swig sugar cookie... It didn't disappoint. 
Scotty's oatmeal one tasted like poop, though. 

Here's to a magnificent March!