love sick

today marks exactly two weeks that i've been sick.
it seriously sucks.
i am already overwhelmed with a full schedule of school and homework and work and wedding planning... i dont have time to be sick.
i cough every 5 seconds and im sure i drive everyone in class crazy.
i have had a fever, sore throat, runny nose, disgusting cough, all mixed with some head aches, body aches, ear pains, days of fatigue, and all sorts of fun things.
i've been miserable.
i went to the doctor after 9 days of torture, expecting him to say i was dying or i had bronchitis or something serious.
he's like "it's just a typical cough... you should get over it soon" and sent me out the door with generic cough syrup i could have bought at 7-11.
i was mad.
i felt like he wasn't taking me seriously because everyone at byu is sick right now, but i can tell my situation is different.
it's worse because i'm love sick

i need this boy in my life! every day i wake up and look at the countdown app on my phone, hoping that the universe somehow skipped 20 or 25 days. but no... we're still at 32. whenever we facetime or talk on the phone, i feel good. i feel happy. but the second we hang up i'm sick and disgusting and sad again. he is so cute and so sweet! he sent me a sick package with soup and nyquil. it was the highlight of my week haha. my roommates are darling and have been taking good care of me... they bought me medicine and saltines and are always asking me how i am. i love them. but there's some kind of love and warmth in scotty's hugs that no one else can offer!
then he came to visit me and i couldn't stop smiling all weekend. i'm in love! above are our post-tucanos faces... not sure if stuffing my face was the best idea considering my conditions.
and then yesterday he left me for vegas again.
i woke up this morning feeling even worse.
(which was weird, because i didn't think it was humanly possible to feel any worse)

after an embarrassing presentation of everything i ate this morning appearing on my office's floor, my manager made me go to the health center again. i've been four times in the month of october. impressive, considering it's the 10th.
anyway, i met with an angel named mary anne.
she knew exactly what she was doing.
she diagnosed me with pneumonia and two ear infections, gave me real prescription drugs, and sent me on my way. see?
that's pneumonia.
and these are my new best friends:



  1. Oh wow at least now you have the meds to get you better before your big day:)

  2. I am so sorry! :( You're right though, there is NOTHING like a sweet hug from the person you love most in the world. Nothing compares. I hope you feel better Ash.

  3. Get some rest! So sorry you are so sick! Wish I was there to help you!

  4. This happened to me last year! Those fools at the health center. I hope you are feeling better, Ash!

  5. Oh...I am so sorry you are sick. Get well soon!!!
    Your big day is coming so soon. We are excited for you!

  6. you have pneumonia? I'm sorry Ashley! I hope you get feeling better! I love you!